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Among Wolves

The seeds of death were planted in Salem, Utah in 2021 as a new project from guitarist Conner Thomas (Element Nine, Seamönster), and in 2022 Kaden Hunsaker (Stasis) and Alec Lowe (Telesomniac, Hailung) joined, providing vocals/guitar and drums, respectively. Performing a uniquely ambitious style of proggy melodic death metal, Among Wolves quickly took the Utah metal scene by storm. In November of 2022, they released their debut EP, Ephemeral, and in early 2023, bassist Connor Martin (Verdant, Comanche!) joined the group. Now, Among Wolves has risen as one of Utah's most electrifying young bands, and performs regularly to enraptured audiences in the Salt Lake and Utah Valleys.

"I can't believe we have something like this here in Utah."
-Jeremy Spence, Owner, Aces High Saloon
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