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BEHEMOTH Releases December 8th!

That's right, we're releasing our first new song in over a year and the first with the current lineup. You've stomped to it live, and on December 8th you'll be able to hear Behemoth on all mainstream music platforms!

To pre-save Behemoth on Spotify, follow this link and click "Spotify Pre-Save":

To celebrate the relase of the new single, we're offering a $5 discount on Behemoth Graphic Tees to anyone who pre-saves Behemoth or adds it to their Spotify playlist! Just show us a screenshot of the pre-save or the playlist-saved song at the merch booth and enjoy your discount. Can't make it to the next show? (December 8th at Metro Music Hall, by the way.) Send a screenshot of the pre-save to @amongwolves_official on Instagram and we'll send you a coupon code for $5 off at the online store.

We're stoked for everyone to hear the new song. And come see us at Metro Music Hall on December 8th--we might even play the track..!

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